Fermentation has been used for ages to create new flavors for food and beverages, as well as to prolong their shelf lives. The fermentation process occurs when yeast or microorganisms break down the sugar content present in food or drink, causing changes to its aroma, taste, texture, and even nutrients.

Some familiar examples of fermented foods include pickles, kimchi, soy sauce, wine, and apple cider vinegar. Additionally, there are some everyday foods made from fermentation that you may not even realize, such as chocolate made from fermented cocoa beans or coffee that undergoes fermentation in its early stages.

Especially for fermented beverages, aside from the improved taste, they are also beneficial for digestion due to containing helpful bacteria, enzymes, or acids that help break down food better and thus aid in digestion effectively. 

However, besides yogurt, do you know any other types of fermented beverage? Let's take a look at a few names to see if they are familiar. Rest assured, all of the fermented drinks that CHUS listed below are not only good for digestion and overall health but also extremely delicious!

1. Kefir soda, a new name with full of nutrients and a clean taste

While the idea of "kefir" may be well known to you, and you may have previously enjoyed kefir yogurt numerous times, "kefir soda" is much less common. 

Kefir soda, a carbonated beverage with nutritional benefits, is made by fermenting water kefir grains (a form of SCOBY) in sweetened water (which may be water with sugar or water with honey), fruits, herbs, and spices. This fermented drink is available in a broad range of flavors and sweetness levels, depending on the ingredients and recipe used. 

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One of the first companies in Vietnam to produce delicious and healthy kefir soda beverages is Kefir Home. With carefully selected ingredients and a gentle sweetness from the low sugar content, their kefir soda fulfills both quality and flavor requirements. If you want to try a new and unique fermented drink, this would be a suitable option!

2. Fermented banana nectar, the sweet essence from bananas

Fermented banana nectar has been around in Vietnam for a long time, but it has only gained popularity in recent years. In order to make use of the delicious but unmarketable bananas, farmers have brought them to ferment, creating this sweet and delicious drink.

This type of beverage has a characteristic banana aroma and is rich in nutrients such as vitamin B6, potassium, and magnesium, which are essential for human health. In addition, through the fermentation process, it also contains beneficial bacteria that are good for the digestive system.

Therefore, this fermented drink is an excellent choice for you to both supplement nutrition for your body and improve your gut health at the same time

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To enjoy fermented banana nectar, dilute it with water or mix it with other fruit juices or teas as a sweetener; then add some ice. And voila! You now have a delicious and nutritious drink.

At CHUS, you can find delicious fermented banana nectar at Lên Men Coffee.

3. Fermented honey, a little more sour yet still delicious! 

Fermented honey has a more sour taste in addition to the original sweetness of honey. It is great for mixing with drinks or using in cooking and is loved by those who are into sour flavors.

Typically, raw honey is used for fermentation, as the wild yeast and bacteria will help the honey ferment on its own without the need for any additional ingredients. Alternatively, if pasteurized honey is used, other sources of yeast should be added. 

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Fermented honey is a rich source of natural antioxidants, as well as containing many minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for the body. Additionally, honey vinegar also contains enzymes that help break down food more effectively, aiding in digestion.

Next time, instead of using regular honey, try switching to fermented honey for a new and unique flavor that is superb in quality!

4. Fruit vinegar from fermented fruits 

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Vinegars made through fruit fermentation have a refreshing sour taste that slightly stings the throat and a characteristic aroma of the fruit used. In addition to the popular apple cider vinegar, any type of fruit can be used to make vinegar, such as pears, bananas, peaches, grapes, berries, passion fruits, etc.

You should not miss the taste of Apricot and Green Tea Vinegar, a specialty fermented drink from Nam Dinh province in Vietnam. Carefully selected apricots are combined with green tea, then fermented according to a traditional recipe passed down through generations. Everything results in a fruit vinegar that is both fragrant, refreshing, and good for health.

Apricot and Green Tea Vinegar has a slightly sour taste and is packed with excellent natural antioxidants found in green tea, as well as acetic acid that stimulates digestion and helps with weight loss.

Like apple cider vinegar, apricot and green tea vinegar has many uses. You can dilute it with water and add honey to drink; add it to tea as an alternative to lemon juice or kumquat juice; mix it with salad or make dipping sauces; use it to remove fishy odors; or dilute it to make a facial toner.

5. Kombucha, the popular and well-sought fermented tea 

Kombucha, or fermented tea, is a familiar name to many people when it comes to fermented beverages. Kombucha is made from tea, natural sweeteners such as sugar or honey, fruits, and spices, depending on the recipe used. 

Therefore, in addition to the sour-sweet taste, kombucha also has a variety of different flavors. For example, ginger kombucha has a slightly spicy and pungent taste, while pomegranate kombucha has a unique fruity aroma, and so on.

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On the market, there are many kombucha brands, ranging from large companies to homemade, with various types of kombucha. At CHUS, we have carefully selected environmentally friendly and clean brands with diverse, delicious and nutritious kombucha to take care of your health. Check them out here!

Bottom lines

Good gut health equals effective nutrient absorption, which makes it an essential factor for your overall health. Therefore, fermented drinks, with great benefits for the digestive system, are a great choice to supplement your and your family's diet!