After every time you dedicate yourself to working on or running on an important project, you often feel like you're "out of battery" or facing "burnout," a phrase that describes the refusal of both mind and body to receive or process any further information. While burnout is happening, mental health is at a low state. Some people become more sensitive and easily lose their temper, but there are also cases where they become "zone out" and run out of energy. If this situation lasts for a long time, it can make it difficult for you to return to your daily work, thereby affecting your familiar productivity and work efficiency. Surely you wouldn't want that to happen, would you?

So, if you really don't know how to pull yourself out of that stuffiness and stagnation caused by burnout, take note of the tips below that CHUS gives you.

1. Turn off your laptop, please!

Working time is over, but you are still worried about calculating and measuring the indicators. How can you recover when you can't even have a proper and complete meal at the table? It’s dinner time, but your brain is wandering somewhere else, thinking about work. And therefore, you may not realize it, but surely both your brain and body have longed to take a break for a long time. Therefore, it's best to let them rest! After a stressful time at work, resting at the right time and in the right way is the golden key to restoring balance. From there, you can be ready to fight for greater opportunities in the future. And to do that, turn off your laptop!

2. Stay away from social media and tech devices 

Burnout can also be caused by external factors such as negative news on social networks or industrial blue light from phone and computer screens. If you have done the "turn off laptop" step above, then isolating yourself from electronic devices is the next step you should do. Not only does this allow you a mental break, but it also gives your eyes a chance to relax after the hours and days you've spent looking at the screen.

3. Entertain in an old-schooled way 

Reading books is a great way to both relieve stress and cultivate more knowledge for yourself. Since the aim of this trick is to help you escape from burnout, you really don't need a book that is too deep or complicated to understand. Picture books, short story collections, or comics are all great options to refresh your brain in a different form than usual.

On the other hand, if you're fond of art, try painting or join crafting workshops. Creating your own work of art also gives you a sense of accomplishment, helps you believe in yourself, and helps you heal from a suffocating condition.

4. Go on a trip or a vacation 

Nothing has an immediate effect like a trip to a place you've always wanted to go, or to a place that always makes you feel peaceful just by thinking about it. If you don't have time to travel a lot, a short 1-2 day trip is enough to relieve your mood and get you out of the stifling feeling from the past hard work. The feeling of waking up in a new, fresh space and being free from daily worries should be great medicine for the soul. And of course, you will quickly get rid of burnout and regain your inherent state.

Vacation, Du lịch

5. Try new things for more new experiences 

Inspiration to energize and pull you out of burnout can sometimes simply come from changing routines. For example, try changing the music you listen to or having dinner at a new restaurant that you have never tried before. However, it's worth noticing that extreme change may cause a reserve effect, and you should have an open mind to changes as well as be prepared for unexpected results. The change from the melodious, rhythmic melody of jazz to the fast-paced, intense aggressiveness of rock metal is not something everyone can get used to quickly. Or, there is no certain assurance that a brand new restaurant will satisfy your taste, but is there a guarantee? The goal here is to have new experiences, right?

6. Reward yourself

Once you've devoted your mind, heart, and soul to work, it is absolutely understandable to reward yourself with a special gift. It may be a luxury bag or pair of shoes you've been wanting for a long time, or a spa session to pamper your skin and relax your body, etc. The act of self-rewarding means you acknowledge what you have done. The fact that you are completely out of energy and strength means that you have worked so hard to achieve your goal. Therefore, it is also an encouragement that "You did well!" to effectively "recharge" the energy to pull you out of the empty, numb feeling. 

7. Meditation

Meditation is an activity that helps calm the spirit, clear the mind, and restore hidden energy from within. When you meditate, you have the opportunity to listen to your inner voice more clearly, unbinding the worries and deadlocks. To increase the effect of relaxation and therapeutic values during meditation, you can use some essential oils or burn incense, which have scientifically proven aromatherapeutic health benefits. However, remember to choose products of natural origin that are benign and safe for your health. 

Meditation, thiền, relax, thư giãn

Burnout happens easily in this hustle-and-bustle life, so it’s okay to be burned out sometime

In this bustling industrial age, burnout and losing energy are likely to happen more and more. Therefore, it is very necessary to know how to search for tips to relax in a proper way and heal your mental health. Hopefully, with this article, CHUS has given you some useful suggestions that you can apply to yourself to recover from burnout.