CHUS Choice is a brand new initiative from CHUS, Vietnam's leading e-commerce platform for Vietnamese products. We want to make it easier for our customers to find and purchase high-quality Vietnamese products, with confidence.

What is CHUS Choice?

Well, whenever we hit a roadblock at CHUS, we always turn to our customers for guidance. Our dream has always been to create a brand that celebrates the incredible artisans pouring their passion into their craft. But here's the kicker—some visitors at us weren't feeling totally comfortable buying crafts from Vietnam. Why, you ask? - Vietnam's leading e-commerce platform for Vietnamese products - Vietnam's leading e-commerce platform for Vietnamese products


After diving deep into it via interviewing dozens of our customers who purchased already or put items in their cart, we discovered that quality and the uncertainty of what to pick were the top concerns. Some had a bumpy ride with local brands before, mostly from the purchase on social media — defective products, damaged packages, and the nightmare of no delivery at all. Plus, the overwhelming array of choices on our site left some scratching their heads.

To tackle these concerns and make CHUS the go-to for Vietnamese products or unique gifts for beloved ones, we are launching “CHUS Choice”. Yayy!

What makes brands with CHUS Choice stand out?

They are a special breed. We're super picky, using our CHUS Checkpoints to choose brands (check out 'Why we CHUS it' on all products). The chosen ones not only meet but exceed our criteria.

Uniqueness that shouts out the value of Vietnamese products


Criteria for CHUS Choice

  • Supreme quality, as certified by the CHUS team.
  • A fascinating story behind each product.
  • Uniqueness that shouts out the value of Vietnamese products.
  • Consistent 5-star reviews 
  • Brands are quick on the draw with responsiveness.

A fascinating story behind each product, handmade product, leather


What CHUS can do extra for CHUS Choice?

Buckle up for the CHUS perks:

  • Guarantee on Free Return & Refund
  • Dedicated customer service from CHUS team
  • Best price at online (You find the better price, we will match it)
  • Speedy order preparation (Our brands have “Made to Order” specially for you)

And you will see the snazzy CHUS Choice Badge on your packing. 

4. CHUS Choice Badge on your packing

CHUS Choice Badge on your packing

What is CHUS Choice going forward? 



CHUS Choice isn't a one-time thing. We know our collaborating brands like the back of our hand, and we're constantly adding to the CHUS Choice list. We want you to shop at CHUS with maximum comfort, knowing the ins and outs of our artisans' workshops, feeling the passion of brand owners, and getting a glimpse of the beautiful stories behind their creations.

We're not hitting the brakes. We're revving up to do more, more, and more. So, get ready to choose CHUS Choice and make your shopping experience a masterpiece!


"CHUS Choice" is not just a label; it's a commitment to bringing you the best of Vietnamese products. We've listened to your concerns, handpicked brands that pass our rigorous standards, and crafted a selection that guarantees supreme quality, captivating stories, uniqueness, and glowing reviews. 

With CHUS Choice, you enjoy exclusive perks—free returns, VIP customer service, unbeatable prices. Each selected product having its own CHUS Choice Badge. But it doesn't stop here; we're on a journey to unveil more brands, share more stories, and make your CHUS experience the epitome of comfort and delight. So, dive into the world of CHUS Choice, where every purchase is a celebration of craftsmanship, passion, and a unique narrative waiting to be explored. 

Happy shopping at CHUS.VN!