Coffee with milk is a beloved beverage for its rich aroma and creamy texture. However, many encounter discomfort, bloating, or indigestion afterward. What causes this phenomenon and how can it be avoided? This article by Chus provides some insightful answers!

The Reason Behind Upset Stomach from Coffee with Milk

Coffee with milk is a common choice to kickstart the day with vigor. However, experiencing stomach discomfort or indigestion is not uncommon. So, what truly causes this issue? Let's explore more with Chus in the following content.

Stomach Upset Due to Milk

Many enjoy the delightful taste of coffee with milk but often encounter discomfort, commonly known as "stomach upset," after consumption. The primary reason is often the body's inability to digest lactose in milk.

To digest lactose found in dairy products available in the market today, the body requires an enzyme called lactase. However, some individuals either do not produce enough lactase or do not produce it at all, leading to lactose intolerance. The severity of lactose intolerance symptoms can vary among individuals. Some experience mild symptoms, while others may suffer more severe discomfort beyond stomach upset.

Stomach Upset Due to Coffee

Apart from milk-related upset stomach, drinking coffee with milk can also lead to this condition due to several coffee-related factors. Caffeine, the stimulant found in coffee, enhances alertness and concentration. However, caffeine can also stimulate the stomach to produce more acid, leading to stomach pain, heartburn, acid reflux, and other digestive issues.

For individuals sensitive to caffeine, consuming coffee, especially on an empty stomach, can result in digestive symptoms such as severe stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, and upset stomach. Coffee also contains chlorogenic acid, a compound that can stimulate the intestines and increase bowel movements, leading to stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, and upset stomach, especially in individuals with irritable bowel syndrome.

Some types of coffee with milk, especially canned or instant coffee, may contain sugar, cream, condensed milk, and other additives. These ingredients may exacerbate digestive issues and cause upset stomach in sensitive individuals.

Tips to Enjoy Coffee with Milk Without Upsetting Your Stomach

Coffee with milk is cherished for its delightful aroma and creamy texture. However, many experience discomfort, commonly known as "stomach upset," after indulging. Fret not; the following information from Chus shares some secrets to fully enjoy coffee with milk without worrying about stomach cramps.

Choose Suitable Coffee and Milk

Coffee with milk is beloved for its harmonious blend of mild bitterness from coffee and creamy richness from milk. To minimize the risk of stomach upset, consider the following factors when selecting milk or coffee:

Prioritize Arabica coffee for its lower caffeine content and less chlorogenic acid compared to Robusta, reducing stomach stimulation. Opt for lactose-free milk or alternative milk types such as almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, etc., to avoid discomforts like bloating and diarrhea caused by lactose intolerance. Pure fresh milk will provide a deliciously creamy texture to your coffee with milk. While condensed milk can be used, it should be limited due to its high sugar content, which may affect health. Adjust Your Drinking Time Additionally, the timing of consuming coffee with milk also contributes to the issue of "stomach upset."

Having coffee with milk after a meal can help mitigate the impact of caffeine and chlorogenic acid on the stomach, reducing irritation and the risk of "stomach upset." Providing energy to the body after a meal helps you stay alert and focused. Avoid drinking coffee with milk on an empty stomach as the empty stomach is more susceptible to the stimulating effects of caffeine and chlorogenic acid in coffee with milk, leading to "stomach upset" and other digestive issues. Additionally, it may cause symptoms like heartburn, acid reflux, affecting long-term health. Morning is when the body requires more energy to function. Having coffee with milk in the morning can help you feel refreshed, focused, and energized for the day ahead.


These are some insights into the issue of experiencing "stomach upset" after drinking coffee with milk. Hopefully, the information in this article will help you gain more useful knowledge to minimize stomach discomfort and enjoy more energy when drinking coffee for a long day.

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