Are you searching for a meaningful Valentine's gift for her? The A KISS Gift Box is an excellent choice! In this review, let's explore the delicious chocolates inside this box. It's not just any chocolate gift; it's the key to melting your loved one's heart.

review hộp quà a kiss, quà valentine tặng bạn gái
A Kiss Chocolate Gift Box with handmade chocolate goods


The gift box is a creation of the PPG artisan chocolate brand, renowned for its fresh chocolates and unique chocolate treats. The products use Vietnamese ingredients like Vietnamese cocoa and coconut from the Mekong Delta. The A Kiss Gift Box is a representative gift set, with four high-quality handmade chocolates neatly packaged in an adorable pink box.

A Kiss Chocolate Gift Set Content

Specifically, inside “A Kiss” For Her, you will find the following four types of chocolates: nama chocolate, Valentine bark chocolate, coconut almond chocolate candy, strawberry mendiant chocolate, accompanied by an everlasting wax rose. This sweet gift box carries the predominant color tones of love, with shades of romantic red and pink, promising to "melt her heart" whether presented on any occasion, be it Valentine's Day or a birthday celebration.

Nama Chocolate

Fresh chocolate combined with fresh cream, creating a soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

a kiss gift set review, valentine chocolate for girlfriend

Nama chocolate inside the gift box

The special feature of fresh chocolate at PPG is strawberry chocolate, made from 100% natural strawberry juice, bringing a delightful fruity flavor combined with sweet and rich white chocolate.

Valentine Chocolate Bark

Made from white chocolate, strawberry extract, and small crushed nuts, the chocolate bark  has a sweet taste and a delightful texture.

The romantic pink hue from strawberries, combined with the visually appealing decoration of the chocolate bars, contributes to making the gift box an excellent Valentine's Day present for your girlfriend.

Coconut Almond Chocolate Candy

Hand-roasted almonds, coated in creamy coconut-flavored white chocolate. The coconut flavor is made from coconut powder from the Western region of Vietnam, offering a unique yet familiar taste. The chocolate-covered almond candy is also a beautiful and delectable Valentine's gift for her.

Strawberry Mendiant Chocolate

Originating from France, mendiant chocolate is a harmonious blend of chocolate, various nuts, and dried fruit on top. Carrying the spirit of "A Kiss," these two mendiant chocolates also feature a delightful strawberry flavor with a cute pink color.

review hộp quà socola valentine
Handmade chocolate treats inside A Kiss Chocolate Gift Box

Wax Rose:

In addition to the four sweet treats, the gift box also contains an everlasting rose handmade from wax. The scented rose has soft and smooth petals, and it does not fade over time. This adds to the attractiveness of the A Kiss Box, making it suitable for your long-time partner on special occasions.

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Pros and Cons of the A Kiss Gift Set


- High-quality chocolates made from Vietnamese ingredients, supporting local products.

- Handmade, adding meaning to the gift.

- Beautifully decorated box and products inside, primarily in shades of pink.

- Suitable for various occasions like Valentine's Day, International Women's Day on March 8th, Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20th, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


- Delivery limited to Ho Chi Minh City.

- Contains fresh chocolates; although wrapped in heat-resistant paper, it is still advisable to consume within 6 hours of receiving.

- Requires preparation time and may be out of stock, so advance ordering is recommended.


If you are looking for a Valentine's gift for her or any other special day, A Kiss is an excellent choice. Although transportation may be limited, this chocolate gift is sure to create a memorable experience for both you and your loved one! Additionally, the Chus Gifts still has many options waiting for you to explore. Choose the perfect gift for your special someone now!