Have you ever struggled to decide what gift to give? Gifts are more than just items; they carry deeper significance. Therefore, choosing a meaningful gift for the recipient is essential! Let's dive into everything about the art of gift-giving, from the meaning and purpose of gifts to the perfect gift selection to please anyone!


Chọn quà tặng đúng cách để khiến ai cũng thích
Choose the right gift to make everyone happy

So, What Is a Gift?

Regardless of its form, a gift holds significant value. It is given with the intention to bring joy and happiness to the recipient, expressing your appreciation towards them.

Why Give Gifts?

Dù là quà ở dạng gì, nó cũng mang một giá trị tinh thần rất lớn, bởi quà tặng được trao đi với mục đích khiến cho đối tượng nhận quà cảm thấy vui vẻ, hạnh phúc; là để thể hiện sự trân trọng của bạn đến với người nhận. 

Beyond that, giving gifts can be seen as:

  • Following traditions: such as giving Christmas gifts or Lunar New Year's lucky money.
  • Showing gratitude: children thanking parents, students appreciating teachers.
  • Expressing emotions: be it romantic love, friendship, or family bonds.
  • Building relationships: fostering smoother relationships, be it personal or professional.


Trao set quà tặng để tạo dựng mối quan hệ
Exchange gift sets to build relationships (Image: Rawpixel)

Choosing the Right Gift for the Recipient

Selecting an appropriate gift can significantly improve your relationship with the recipient. You wouldn't give a random ring to a significant other, right? When choosing a gift, consider factors such as age, your relationship with the recipient, and the level of relationship between both sides.

Gift by Age

The age of the recipient is the first thing to consider. Gifts for babies will differ from those for teenagers, young adults, or the elderly.

Special occasions also correspond to different age groups. For example, on a baby's first birthday, they receive unique gifts (baby's first birthday celebration). 

Subsequent birthdays become more ordinary. When someone reaches an "elderly" age, birthdays become particularly special, and they might receive longevity gifts during their birthday celebrations.

Gift by Relationship

Choosing gifts based on the relationship is crucial because it significantly influences social relationships. Gifts for colleagues at the same level will differ from gifts for a supervisor, even if they are of the same age or equally close to you.

For someone in a higher position, gifts should be more formal and elegant, while gifts for peers can be more casual and simple. However, regardless of the recipient's status, your gift should express your sincerity and appreciation.

Gift by Friendliness

The level of friendliness between you and the recipient is another crucial factor when selecting a gift.

For casual acquaintances or those you know but not very well, choose neutral gifts that anyone can easily use. Such gifts should reflect your sophistication without delving too deeply into their personal lives.

For example, choosing a specific fragrance can be tricky because it depends on individual preferences. It's safer to opt for a neutral item like snacks or aesthetically pleasing room decor.

Gift by Occasion

Timing is always crucial in everything, including gift-giving. Choosing an appropriate gift for the occasion, as well as presenting it at the right time, will make you more sophisticated in the eyes of the recipient.

Here are some common occasions for gift-giving:

  • Annual holidays: Giving gifts on holidays often holds cultural significance. In Vietnam, people exchange gifts during major holidays like Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, International Women's Day (March 8th), and more.
  • Special yearly events: Events like birthdays and wedding anniversaries are unique to each individual. Gifts for birthdays or anniversaries should have spiritual value and special meaning for the recipient. Consider personalized or custom-made gifts.
  • Other special occasions: Graduation, job promotions, housewarming, or corporate anniversaries are additional occasions for gift-giving. Gifts during these events should symbolize career success and skills, such as pens or high-quality notebooks.


Quà Valentine, tặng quà lễ tình nhân, Valentine gift
Valentine's Day gifts (Image: Freepik)

Types of Gifts

If you're thinking of gift "types" in terms of food items, clothing, fashionable bags, or room decor, don't worry! Below, Chus will classify some types of gifts based on how they are created. Specifically, we'll consider whether the gift is common and easily obtainable or more unique and tailored.

Common Gifts

The typical type of gift is the kind that carries a "common" element. These items are often mass-produced and lack a meaningful story. Mass-produced items may not necessarily be of poor quality, but they are things that many others can easily acquire. They lose their uniqueness, individuality, and even their significance. If you put a lot of thought into the gift box you're giving, you probably don't want it to be "run-of-the-mill," right?

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts involve small-scale craftsmanship. Because they are produced in limited quantities, sellers can control the quality of each item. Handmade gifts are often more unique, less commonly seen, and allow you to express your emotions and sophistication when giving them.


Quà tặng handmade có ý nghĩa đặc biệt, quà handmade hình mèo 
Meaningful handmade gifts

Custom-Made Gifts

Custom-made gifts are one-of-a-kind, tailored to the recipient's preferences. These gifts require thorough thought about the recipient's personality, preferences, and interests. Custom-made gifts express deep sincerity and consideration, showing that you've put effort into understanding the recipient.

DIY Gifts

DIY gifts (Do It Yourself) often involve personal effort and creativity. Creating a gift by yourself shows sincerity and devotion to the recipient. DIY gifts can be highly cherished because of the time and effort invested in making them.


quà tặng theo yêu cầu, quà tặng đặt riêng, quà custom, personalized gift
Custom-made and DIY gifts

Other Factors To Consider When Giving Gifts

Gift Quality

Focus on the quality of the gift. If you want to win anyone's heart, steer clear of low-quality, easily damaged items. Not only does this lead to waste, but it also reflects the lack of careful consideration from the gift giver. Whether it's mass-produced or handmade in limited quantities, quality should always take precedence over price.

Gift Origin

Additionally, the country of origin is something many people consider. Have you ever wondered whether choosing American, Japanese, or French-made items makes them more authentic, while Vietnamese or Chinese products are considered inferior?

Imported Goods

Some individuals prefer European products, Japanese goods, or domestically-produced items because of their high quality. Conversely, some people dislike any product labeled "made in China." Regardless, it's essential to buy gifts from reputable sources to avoid purchasing fake or counterfeit items.

Vietnamese Goods

There are those who believe that Vietnamese products are inferior to branded or foreign gifts. However, the truth is that Vietnamese-origin gifts boast quality comparable to any other. 

From traditional handmade products with a history spanning generations to modern items, all are meticulously crafted by artisans, resulting in excellent quality. This is not to mention the unique specialties found only in Vietnam, captivating both locals and foreigners alike.


quà tặng việt nam, hàng việt nam chất lượng cao
Vietnamese gifts are not only of high quality but also carry cultural value

Another advantage of Vietnamese products is their more affordable price compared to imported goods. Furthermore, due to the process of globalization, the manufacturing technology of Vietnamese products continues to improve, further enhancing their quality.

Practicality of Gifts

Every gift should serve a purpose, and it becomes meaningless if the recipient cannot use it. Therefore, consider the preferences of the gift recipient. For instance, scented candles may be a great gift for those who enjoy relaxation and self-care at home, but others might find them unnecessary.

When choosing a gift for IT professionals or tech enthusiasts, technological gifts are sure to be highly practical!

If you're unsure about the recipient's preferences, opt for neutral items that are universally usable, such as common snacks or aesthetically pleasing decorations.

Gift Packaging

As the saying goes, 'It's not the gift but the thought that counts.' Regardless of the price of the gift, careless and shabby packaging can diminish its value in the eyes of the recipient. Therefore, pay attention to the presentation.

Gói quà đẹp giúp làm người nhận vui lòng
Well-packaged gifts leave a lasting positive impression on the recipient (Image: Freepik)

If you're not skilled in wrapping gifts, don't worry! Nowadays, many services offer gift wrapping when purchasing items intended as gifts. Additionally, numerous brands have kept up with trends, ensuring that the items you receive are neatly packaged and suitable for gifting.

So, where to find meaningful high quality gifts?

At Chus, you can easily discover a variety of handmade gift sets that are both high-quality and visually appealing. Each item is carefully selected, with a clear origin from artisans across Vietnam.


Chusvn có đa dạng các sản phẩm quà tặng ý nghĩa
Various types of quality, hand-crafted can be found on Chus

Chus offers a diverse range of gift products, including custom-designed decorations, handmade accessories, and delicious regional specialties. Don't hesitate to visit Chus whenever you're in need of gift ideas!