Vietflex is all about sharing your story, your journey, and your love for Vietnam. Whether it's the everyday joys or the extraordinary moments, the carefree laughter or the profound connections, your love for this country shines through. Plus, you may receive a thoughtful gift, thoughtfully curated from across the regions of Vietnam by CHUS. For who've found a second home in Vietnam, why not look into the guidelines and join us? 


The #VietFlex challenge is your chance to proudly show off all the amazing things you've discovered in beautiful Vietnam!

"What should I share now?" If you're wondering, the answer is anything and everything related to your experiences here! It could be:

  • The stunning views of a rustic village you had the chance to explore, a serene beach, or the lively vibe of a fishing village.
  • A sunset that took your breath away.
  • Your favorite stuff that's really special to you.
  • The delightful flavors of Vietnamese cuisine that you've savored.
  • A cute animal friend sunbathing on the street that you encounter.
  • A local festival you had a blast at.
  • And, of course, you - an expat brimming with passion and love for this enchanting land.

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Step 1: Choose a photo or video that is relevant to Vietnam.
Step 2: Post that photo or video on Facebook or Instagram as a public post with the hashtags #Vietflex and #CHUSVN

Additionally, you can also share a related story or a few heartfelt words about the photo or video. Don't forget to invite your friends to share their own stories too!


  • 70% of the interaction points (Likes, shares, comments)
  • 30% are assessments from CHUS (Creativity when taking photos, meaning, or unique origin of the item)


1st Prize - For those who has highest interaction: 

Winner will receive: 
- One Cultural Explorer gift box
- One voucher worth 3,000,000 VND

2nd Prize - For those who has 2nd highest interaction: 

Winner will receive: 
- One Cultural Explorer gift box 
- One voucher worth 2,000,000 VND


3rd Prize - For those who 3rd highest interaction: 

Each winner will receive: One Cultural Explorer gift box


10 Early Bird Prizes - For 10 earliest 

Each winner will receive: One Individual Expressor gift box


Are you ready to show your love for Vietnamese products by joining this #VietFlex challenge with CHUS?