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Always having been keen on making adorable handmade accessories as well as business passion, Đan has wanted to establish a handmade brand by herself. Before becoming the owner of a crochet brand like today, she has explored lots of different business fields. However, the real "destiny" came when she accidentally watched making wool cute animals videos on Tiktok.

Linhdan_crochet was born after a lot of experimentation and her best effort to create accessories with the highest meticulousness to customers.

Since the brand is an independent business model, Đan has always taken every small step in the process under intensive care. To create unique designs, she is constantly researching and creating every day.

Đan turns ideas into reality and adjusts until making quality products that satisfy her. Therefore, Linhdan_crochet has received huge support from customers, although it has only been in business for a short time. That support is the motivation and strength to keep her trying harder every day and bring better products to more customers in the future.

Linh Đan Crochet
Hà Nội
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Linh Đan Crochet
Hà Nội
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