Mini Oval Light Box Lamp


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Mini Oval Light Box Lamp

This oval light box lamp, made from eco-friendly jesmonite material, will be a stylish and novel decoration for your space.

The wireless lamp can be charged with a USB type C cable, with a light time of up to 5-6 hours when fully charged. With words carrying positive energy, this item will make the atmosphere more youthful and colorful.

Why we CHUS it

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Brand & Producer
  • Practical products
  • Promoting technological breakthrough in handicraft industry
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  • New materials
  • Natural woods
  • Finishing oil
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Manufacturing process
  • Combination of handicraft and modern technology


- Size: 14 x 7 x 5cm

- Weight: 300g

- Materials: Jesmonite, led light, USB magnet

- Lighting time: 5-6 hours (When the light is on continuously)

Chus note

The wireless lamp has a neat, modern shape and vibrant colors. If you love setting up your working desk, this will be a great choice to add more style to the space around the computer. It is also suitable for decorating bedrooms, shelves, or coffee shops.

Special note

1. How to clean:

- Clean with a soft cloth.

- Do not immerse the product in water.

- Do not use detergent on the surface.

2. Note:

- The product is made by hand, so there will be errors in color and texture on the actual product with the photo.

- Do not let the product touch chemicals such as Gasoline, Kerosene, Acetone, etc.

- Do not leave the product too close or exposed to fire, or heat above 70 degrees Celsius.

- Do not toss, knock, exert a force on the product.


1. Rise

2. Boss

3. Chill

4. G.O.A.T

5. Shine

6. Hustle

7. Peace

About Halfameter

Beginning from the love of creating handmade items, Half A Meter was born. Passion has motivated the two founders of Half A Meter to self-study, explore and experiment with different materials. With a unique perspective, Half A Meter creates creative but highly applicable items.

Different from other handcrafted brands, Half A Meter's products are a sophisticated combination of man-made and machine-made. All products are made from at least 2 materials, combining craftsmanship and modern technology.

Half A Meter believes that modern technology will help realize many ideas, even the craziest. And in the age of industrial production, unique, creative, and personalized handmade products will have their distinct value.

Each product is sketched on paper, then computer-aided design (CAD) and tested with miniature 3D prints before actual production. Finally, the product will be finished by hand.

As a semi-handcrafted product, Half A Meter's products are often unique and one-off.

Half A Meter hopes these new and innovative products will help redefine traditional craftsmanship for a new generation.

Mini Oval Light Box Lamp Mini Oval Light Box Lamp Mini Oval Light Box Lamp Mini Oval Light Box Lamp Mini Oval Light Box Lamp


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