Having a Tết holiday, or Lunar New Year filled with Vietnamese spirit is not that difficult with this “Phu Quy” Tết gift box from CHUS. Skip the usual greetings, pack your presents with delicious and amazing Vietnamese specialties such in a box of authentic Tet goodness!

Let’s take a look at this gift box right in this article. 

What is in Phú Quý Tết Gift Box From CHUS? 

This gift box can be translated as “prosperity” in English. The gift comes in a beautiful handwoven bamboo basket, bursting with good luck wishes. Red peach blossoms dance across the rustic rattan, and a bright red handle lets you carry prosperity right to your loved ones.

Quà, quà Tết, gift, Tết gifts 
Quà, quà Tết, gift, Tết gifts. quà tặng Tết

The "Phu Quy" Tết gift box includes: 

“An” gift box of dried shrimp and pickled ramps - Nagi: 

"Phu Quy" comes packed with two treasures from Vietnam: sun-dried shrimp and pickled ramps. Both are made of natural ingredients from specialty regions of Vietnam. They are processed with care and free from preservatives. These are among the most popular fermented dishes on Vietnamese Tết as well as on a daily basis.

Quà Tết, tôm khô củ kiệu bắc thảo, món ăn ngày tết

Saigon Sweet'N'Spicy smoked chili sauce (150g) - Saigon Charlie's: 

Smoked chili sauce comes from the Saigon Charlie's brand, packaged in a luxurious and sophisticated glass bottle. This is a smoked chili sauce, handcrafted according to a family recipe with Southern culinary influences. The overall flavor of chili sauce is hot and spicy mixed with a unique sweetness.

Quà, quà Tết, gift, Tết gifts, tương ớt, chili sauce

First Press Fish Sauce Limited Tet Edition (500ml) - Nước Mắm Tĩn

This first-press fish sauce originates from a traditional craft village in Phan Thiet city, Vietnam. With a recipe that spans over 300 years, it is completely handcrafted. Vietnamese fish sauce is the secret ingredient in countless dishes in our tropical country

Quà, quà Tết, gift, Tết gifts, nước mắm, fish sauce

Pros and Cons of "Phu Quy" Tết gift box?


1. Meaningful gift: 

Phu Quy gift box includes Vietnamese specialties, rich in tradition and suitable for both Tet parties and daily meals.

2. Products with clear origins: 

The products in the Tet gift boxes all originate from different places in Vietnam. They are made of fresh, natural ingredients under safe processes. 

3. Embrace the precious values of traditional Vietnamese craft villages: 

The products are made according to long-standing recipes in traditional craft villages to enhance Vietnamese cultural and historical values.

4. Reasonable and meaningful price: 

The gift box's listed price is 899,000 VND. In Oriental culture, the number 89 resembles rapid growth/great growth. Therefore, this gift box is also a wish for sustainable development until prosperity. 


- Products come from many provinces, so the preparation process as well as shipping time may take long. You would want to order the gift box early in order to get it on time.

- The products are pickled and seasoned, so their smell may be considered unpleasant to some. Besides, because it is stored in a glass bottle/jar, it demands careful delivery. 

Who is CHUS, and does CHUS offer you this Tết holiday? 

The first e-commerce site in Vietnam dedicated to handmade products and green products from Vietnamese brands. Products on CHUS range from spices and Vietnamese specialties to green household appliances and safe and benign handmade cosmetics.

More suggestions for Tết gift boxes from CHUS 

Besides the Phu Quy Tet gift box, this Lunar New Year 2024, CHUS also brings 2 other Tet gift boxes to send your gratitude to your loved ones and business partners. 

Ấm No Tết Gift Box - “Fulfilment” Tết gift box

This gift set includes traditional dishes for Vietnamese Tet such as dried lotus seeds, beef jerky, tea, guava jam,... along with healthy gifts such as honey and fruity biscotti. You also have local specialties from Huế city such as tapioca coconut melting cookies.

Quà, quà Tết, gift, Tết gifts, ấm no, fulfillment


Sum Vầy Têt Gift Box - “Togetherness” Tết Gift Box 

This gift box includes: 

“Dáng Mới” Teapot Set, Crystal 14 Porcelain - Gốm Đông Gia: The set is handmade from crystal blue glazed porcelain. One set will have a teapot, 3 cups and plain plates of the same color.

Tin of 600-Year-Old snow shan green tea (100g) - ShanLuv Vietnam: Ancient Shan Tuyet tea are hundreds of years old tea trees, growing naturally on high mountains in Suoi Giang commune, Yen Bai. The tea has a characteristic rich flavor and pleasant aroma.

Quà, quà Tết, gift, Tết gifts, sum vầy, togetherness

Bottom lines

Through this article, CHUS hopes that you have had more choices to buy ideal Tet gifts to give to your loved ones on Tet. In addition, the above are also suitable to send to your business partners as corporate gifts. All are available on chus.vn. So please follow CHUS for more meaningful Vietnamese Tet gift suggestions.