Pure Turmeric Powder


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Healthy Food | Local Ingredients | Healthy Supplement | No Preservatives

Pure Turmeric Powder

Turmeric contains a huge amount of curcumin, a substance with high effectiveness as an antioxidant and cancer-prevention capability. Pepperable harvests this wonderful spice in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, handles it with care, and then makes it into a fine powder. It's free of preservatives and colorings, so you can make a variety of dishes and beverages for your family to enjoy.

Why we CHUS it

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Brand & Producer
  • Indigenous products from the Central Highlands
  • Sustainable brand
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  • Raw honey
  • Non preservatives
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Manufacturing process
  • Harvested in April to May every year on mobile bee farms.
  • Traditional indigenous methods and techniques


- Net weight: 500g

- Ingredient: Turmeric powder

Chus note

CHUS recommends some dishes that go well with a bit of turmeric powder for you to take care of your health better:

- Curry

- Paella or Vietnamese fried rice

- Pumpkin soup, cream soup or any type you like

- Congee

- Use it as a spice to marinate pork, beef, chicken or fish

Special note

1. Benefits:

- Boosts brain-derived neurotrophic factor

- Lowers risks of heart disease and cancer

- Works as an active complement in treating Alzheimer’s disease

- Fights against depression

2. Notes:

Can be used for cooking, making tea or smoothies.

About Pepperable

Pepperable, a local vietnamese brand is on a mission to showcase high quality indigenous products from the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Their aim is to bridge the gap between the indigenous ethnic minorities of the mountains and urban dwellers from the cities.

Central Highlands of Vietnam is a biodiversity hotspot and Pepperable wants to make sure that people realise that fact through their authentic products.

Their coffee blossom honey is a very rare product that is harvested by only the local ethnic minorities. The blossoms on coffee trees are the primary nectar source for the bees, raised by ethnic people of the region. This rare honey is produced in small batches, using traditional indigenous techniques.

Pure Turmeric Powder Pure Turmeric Powder Pure Turmeric Powder