From green tea to various herbal varieties, have you ever pondered which teas promote beautiful skin or aid in weight management? If you have such questions, read our article below.

Rose Tea

Known as the king and queen of flowers, rose not only symbolizes allure but also creates exquisite tea for women's beauty. Rich in antioxidants, rose tea helps combat aging, leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

Trà hoa hồng tốt cho sắc đẹp phái nữ

Rose tea products are carefully selected by Chus (Image: Chus)

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Green Tea

Long-loved for its taste and health benefits, green tea is rich in polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals, promoting anti-aging effects. Research also suggests green tea extract aids in faster fat burning, reducing the risk of obesity.

Trà xanh thanh lọc cơ thể, giữ dáng cho phái nữ 
Green tea is beneficial for overall health and beauty (Image: Internet)

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Snow Shan White Tea

Snow Shan white tea, often called Silver Needle Tea, originates from the Camellia sinensis plant, much like green or black tea. It consists of unopened tea buds covered in silver-colored fuzz, giving it the name "white tea."

In Vietnam, ancient snow Shan white tea is considered a premium variety, offering beauty and health benefits similar to green tea but with a distinct flavor profile. Among tea types, white tea has the lowest caffeine content, significantly lower than green, black, or oolong tea. Therefore, if you desire to maintain a graceful figure and radiant skin, preferring the pure taste of tea without the concern of sleep disturbance, white tea is a suitable choice.

Bạch trà, trà trắng shan tuyết tốt cho phụ nữ
Snow Shan White Tea from the ancient tea tree is good for health (Image: Internet)

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Chamomile Tea, Daisy Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea

Chamomile tea and its two cousins, all coming from the Asteraceae family, are renowned for its health benefits, featuring a gentle floral aroma and soothing properties for the mind. Enjoying a warm cup in the evening can help relax your mind and promote a good night's sleep. Mental well-being, combined with adequate sleep, serves as a wonderful remedy for the radiant skin of women. 

It’s important to know that such tea is not suitable for individuals with low blood pressure or a cold constitution. Additionally, if you are taking blood-thinning medications or anticoagulants, it is advisable to avoid chamomile tea, daisy tea and chrysanthemum tea.

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 Trà hoa cúc giúp an thần, làm dịu tâm trạng, tốt cho phái đẹp 
Chamomile tea can soothe the mind for a better sleep (Image: Chus)

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea boasts not only an appealing color but also effectiveness in enhancing health and supporting weight management. Its antioxidant properties and cholesterol regulation make it suitable for women to savor. Image 5: Red artichoke tea is rich in antioxidants, promoting radiant skin and a healthy figure. 

Trà hoa bụp giấm atiso đỏ giàu chất chống oxy hóa, giúp đẹp da 
Hibiscus tea can help in managing weight (Image: Internet)

However, it's advisable not to consume this floral tea daily as it may exert pressure on the liver and kidneys. Herbal teas, in general, possess medicinal properties, so seeking advice from a doctor is recommended, especially if you are undergoing medication.

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Ginger Tea

Renowned for its warming properties, ginger tea is anti-inflammatory and helps alleviate menstrual cramps. It can be sweetened with honey or coconut nectar for a more enjoyable taste.

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Trà gừng tính ấm, tốt cho phụ nữ để làm dịu cơn đau bụng, hỗ trợ giải cảm
Warm ginger tea can reduce pain from menstrual cramps for women (Image: G-Project)

Goji Berry Tea

Goji berry tea helps balance mood and reduce stress, factors significantly impacting both health and beauty. Rich in Polysaccharides, goji berry tea effectively enhances health and provides antioxidant benefits. In traditional Oriental medicine, goji berries are recognized for their ability to nourish blood and Qi, making it suitable for women to consume during menstruation.

Trà kỷ tử tốt cho phụ nữ vào kỳ kinh nguyệt
 Goji berry is believed to be good for blood during periods (Image: Internet)

Note that goji berry tea is not suitable for those taking medications, individuals with low blood pressure, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and those planning to conceive.

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Tea and herbal blends are precious gifts from nature. The mentioned teas are not only beneficial for women's beauty but also contribute to overall well-being. Visit Chus's Tea & Herbal Infusions category for a wide range of health-promoting teas for yourself and your family!