Thủ Đức City, Hồ Chí Minh City

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Fueled by a passion for health, Van, the founder of Mantra Craft Kombucha, dreamt of offering delicious drinks that were good for you too. After exploring different options, Van discovered the magic of kombucha, a fermented tea with a refreshing tang. Packed with friendly bacteria, kombucha promised a path to a healthier you.

Van's vision is to create a thriving community that embraces wellness. By sharing his love for kombucha, he hopes to inspire a "greener" approach to health, one that's both natural and positive.

Mantra Kombucha takes pride in being local, natural, and professional. They source their ingredients from trusted Vietnamese farms, ensuring the freshest, highest-quality products. This commitment to local farms goes beyond great kombucha; it supports Vietnamese agriculture and empowers farmers.

Mantra's secret recipes are crafted with meticulous care. Each flavor bursts with deliciousness, a testament to their dedication to bringing you the purest and healthiest kombucha experience possible.