…was what our Korean founder used to tell his visitors in Vietnam. He knew they might end up with fake brand t-shirts from famous local markets. He wanted to say “We have really cool stuff here”, but reaching them proved challenging. That’s how CHUS got started in the first place.



Discovering local brands turned out to be incredibly enjoyable. We stumbled upon numerous artisans pouring their passion into their craft. Local brands come with captivating stories that make their products shine even brighter.

That's why CHUS chose to team up with brands offering unique selections, enchanting product stories, and a commitment to higher quality.


You're not the only one getting surprised to learn that CHUS's founder is not Vietnamese

Our customers and collaborating brands are often surprised to learn that CHUS's founder, Injoon (affectionately called 'chú'), is not Vietnamese. Having lived in Vietnam since 2019, he fell in love with his neighbors, community and the country. Injoon believes in the diligence and craftsmanship of the people in Vietnam, appreciating the authenticity and modernism derived from the nation's dynamic history. 



CHUS has come to understand that local brands are often overlooked by the local community due to an outdated perception of the quality of local products. 

That’s why CHUS always puts quality first. We always prioritize the quality when selecting collaborating brands, serving our customers, continuously evolving our marketplace. CHUS seeks higher standards of local craftsmanship.