“THƠ” Gold Plated Necklace, Elegant and Strong Designed, Reflecting Impressive Aesthetic Taste, Attracting Every Gaze

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District 1, Hồ Chí Minh City
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“THƠ” Gold Plated Necklace, Elegant and Strong Designed, Reflecting Impressive Aesthetic Taste, Attracting Every Gaze

The "THƠ" necklace is a beautiful and elegant accessory that embodies the lotus flower, the national flower of Vietnam. The necklace was made of 18K gold-plated metal featuring a lotus leaf-shaped pendant. It is a stylish and eye-catching piece that will show off the wearer's personality and taste.

Why we CHUS it

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Brand & Producer
  • The jewelry brand focuses on creating products with unique designs conflated with traditional cultural designs
  • Promotes and values traditional art
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  • Elegance: Jewelry from natural rock with silver/gold
  • Sustainable: Jewelry from sustainable materials in nature such as basket, bamboo, water hyacinth, wood, pottery…
  • Art performance: Jewelry for performance, showcase purpose that are customized according to ideas and designs of customers
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Manufacturing process
  • There are 3 main product segments with different characteristics, materials, styles and audiences:
  • Elegance
  • Sustainable
  • Art performance


- Diameter of pendant: 3.2cm

- Chain length: 52 ~ 54cm

- Materials: Gold plated copper or Gold plated 950 silver, protective nano coating

Chus note

The Thơ Necklace design easily complements various styles of clothing, especially those with high necklines or wide collars, making it effortless to showcase the impressive round golden lotus leaf pendant on your neckline.

Special note

1. Option Recommendations:

- Gold-plated silver: tends to shine after some use, giving it an elegant and classy look. It is less prone to oxidation.

- Gold-plated copper: tends to develop a deeper color, giving it a vintage vibe. Additionally, copper may leave a dark greenish tint on the skin, which is easy to clean. If your skin is not too sensitive or prone to irritation, you can use gold-plated copper.

2. Maintenance Tips:

- Avoid wearing jewelry when swimming or at the beach and when using high-strength cleaning chemicals (laundry detergent, etc.).

- When not in use, gently wipe the contact surface of the product with a dry cloth to maintain its color.

- In each order, Cuoi provides a jewelry cleaning cloth for use when the product tarnishes. You can apply toothpaste and gently wipe it off with a soft cloth and water. Avoid vigorous rubbing.

3. Warranty Information:

3.1. Sizing:

When ordering online and there is a sizing error, Cuoi offers ONE free resizing within 3 days of receiving the product.

* Note: If the finger diameter is over 21mm (for Ring items), there will be a 15% surcharge on the product value.

3.2. Gold Plating:

After some use, if the gold plating fades, Cuoi will provide one free re-plating (additional re-plating will incur a 200,000VND fee).

* Note: Warranty does not apply to the following cases:

- Necklaces, earrings, bracelets that are broken or severely damaged.

- Customer provides inaccurate invoice information.

- Depending on the extent of damage to the product, Cuoi may charge for repairs if possible.

“THƠ” Gold Plated Necklace, Elegant and Strong Designed, Reflecting Impressive Aesthetic Taste, Attracting Every Gaze “THƠ” Gold Plated Necklace, Elegant and Strong Designed, Reflecting Impressive Aesthetic Taste, Attracting Every Gaze

About Cuội Spirit

Cuội Spirit

Cuội Spirit

District 1, Hồ Chí Minh City

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Cuội Spirit, a jewelry and accessories brand from Vietnam is manufacturing alternative forms of jewellery which can best be described as the perfect confluence between cultural traditions and art. The brand was started by a group of young people who study product design, and they chose jewelry as the medium to express their creativity .

At Cuội Spirit, these creators make jewelry products conflated along with 3 different values: rationality (the materials of products), direct feelings (the direct appearance) and emotions (the deep meanings that customers can feel). Because of that, they produce elegant products with utmost skill and dedication.

Just as the name “Cuội" was a traditional character in Vietnamese fairy tales, Cuội Spirit focuses on rustic beauty but not rawness; minimalism but not simplicity. Moreover, they aim to deliver a cultural awakening in Vietnam through their unique products.


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