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Anvies offers delicious snacks from shiitake mushrooms that are nutritious for the whole family to enjoy. The mushrooms are grown by the brand at Da Lat and Sapa, then harvested and carefully processed according to a modern vacuum drying process to retain the most nutrients possible.

The idea of ​​making a snack from mushrooms was born when Nhat Quynh, the brand founder, discovered that mushrooms have many healthy nutrients. Besides, they are easy to grow by taking advantage of local materials. Using rice straw as a growth medium for fungi, Anvies has helped to solve the problem of air pollution each harvest season, when the straw is often burned.

The name Anvies carries two different meanings. In the first, it is combined "An Nhon" and "Vietnam," the hometown of the founder. The second is co-ordinated of "peace" in Vietnamese and "life" in French. Through its name, the brand hopes to bring a better life for more people with its tasty, nutritional mushroom snacks.

With a natural taste, shiitake crisps from Anvies have won the hearts of many loyal customers after years of development. Just enjoy a bite of shiitake mushroom from Anvies with friends and family to have all the more fun together.

Hồ Chí Minh
Sylvie Lee
I recently discovered these dried mushrooms and they've quickly become my new favorite snack. The combination of savory garlic, spicy chili, and earthy shiitake mushrooms creates an explosion of flavor with every bite.
Hồ Chí Minh
Quỳnh Hương
100/10 huhu cực thích ăn nấm sấy luôn nma loại nhập mắc xỉu, giờ có chỗ này giá vừa ok vừa ngon đỉnhhhh, nấm giòn mà xốp xốp đã lắm gia vị cũng ngon