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The contest is open to all young people who are passionate about creativity.

If your proposal is creative, nothing else matters.

The creativity we are looking for includes (1) insanely different from the conventional offline event, (2) fun and viral factors that motivate people to share and engage in all the processes (from teasing to the grand final) and details, (3) culturally connecting and empathetic events. 

The most relevant creativity we found so far is the Chimmelier event in Korea. Please see the link for your reference and further research.


cà phê sữa, cà phê Việt Nam, Vietnamese coffee



1/ The context 

CHUSVN is a leading platform for quality local Vietnamese products. We connect local, quality brands and products with an online marketplace to wider customers. At CHUS, we firmly believe that Vietnam merits recognition for its exceptional coffee, exquisite crafts, and distinctive local brands. That's why we're launching the first-ever event under “Cà Phê Sữa".  

There have been some coffee contests or festivals in Vietnam. However, CHUS hopes to organize the most CREATIVE and UNIQUE event about Vietnamese coffee, a meeting place for coffee lovers or those who want to experience Vietnam's coffee culture. Thus, CHUS needs you to come up with a special idea for this event, let's make us stand out from the others! 

cà phê Việt Nam, Vietnamese coffee, cà phê sữa

2/ Target 

The target audience for the event is all who love Vietnamese coffee; however, 3 notes about the event name ‘Ca Phe Sua': 

  1. CHUS believes that ‘Ca Phe Sua' is the most friendly coffee type, representing Vietnamese culture. Whenever people hear about ‘Ca Phe Sua' they will think more about the people drinking 'iced milk coffee' on the street with little chairs. 
  2. Among a tonne of coffee events out there, CHUS wants to be different, starting with the name. That's why we want to use ‘Ca Phe Sua' or even ‘Ca Phe Sua Da'.
  3. But that does not mean all the TAs have to be interested in milk coffee. You can totally divide into primary and secondary TAs: the major is the ‘Ca Phe Sua' people, and the minor is general Vietnamese coffee-conscious people.

Anyone can join this idea contest as long as you understand our target audience and the social media that they use, must be a coffee lover, and again insanely CREATIVE! 

3/ What do you need to do? 

Develop a creative idea proposal for the CHUS “Cà Phê Sữa” event and a communication plan in which the event is the centerpiece for CHUS to engage with Vietnamese coffee lovers, supporting us in achieving our aggressive agenda:

- To attract people to participate in the event and have conversations after that.

- To make people regard CHUS as a place that appreciates Vietnamese local brands, especially coffee.

- To build strong brand memories whenever people think about buying local coffee products. 

4/ Event structure 

The event can be organized in 3 main milestones: 

cà phê sữa, coffee, Vietnamese coffee, cà phê Việt Nam

5/ Submission 

- An idea proposal (max 30 slides) to deliver your event idea most creatively, remember to include: (i) the creative event idea; (ii) the communication plan for the event; and more (up to you, let's surprise us).

- Deadline: April 19, 2024  

- Send to email: leader@chus.vn


- The file name's format for the proposal: TEAM-NAME.pdf (Ex: CHUS.pdf) 

- Only 1 member representing your team submits to us

- The email subject: TEAM NAME - EVENT IDEA “CÀ PHÊ SỮA”

6/ What will you get?  

- 20.000.000 VNĐ will belong to the winning team.

- Chance to work with the professional CHUS team to execute the REAL EVENT.

7/ Contest Milestone

cà phê sữa, cà phê Việt, Vietnamese coffee