In addition to the vibrant red Valentine's Day, White Valentine is also a special day of Valentine's celebration. Though not as widely known, White Valentine carries subtle shades and profound meanings of love. Let's explore the interesting facts about White Valentine and the special significance it holds in the world of love and romance with CHUS!

The meaning of White Valentine's Day:

White Valentine's Day, also known as "White Day", is an important commemorative day in the cultures of Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. This day is usually celebrated on March 14th, exactly one month after Valentine's Day. On this day, men typically give gifts to women, expressing gratitude and reciprocating the affection they received on Valentine's Day. White Valentine is not only an opportunity to reciprocate feelings but also a chance to show care for loved ones.

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White Valentine's Day is a day to reciprocate feelings (Source: Shutterstock).  

The origin of White Valentine's Day:

The origin of White Day began with a marketing event associated with Valentine's Day in Japan. According to tradition, on February 14th, Japanese women give gifts, usually chocolate, to men they like. However, in the early 20th century, a trend called "giri-choco" (obligation chocolate) emerged, prompting candy manufacturers to encourage men to respond to these feelings.

One candy manufacturer came up with the idea of advertising giving marshmallows to boys as a way to "respond" to receiving gifts on Valentine's Day. Marshmallows were chosen because they are white, symbolizing sincerity and the purity of love. Thus, March 14th became known as Marshmallow Day. However, later on, this day became White Day as candy manufacturers began advertising giving white gifts such as white chocolate, sweets, and jewelry to women.

valentine trắng, white valentine day, white day, nguồn gốc ngày valentine trắng, the origin of white day

White Valentine's Day originated from a candy manufacturer (Source: Stock.adobe).

From Japan, White Day has spread to other Asian countries such as South Korea and China, becoming an important occasion for people to express affection and gratitude to those they cherish.


On White Valentine's Day, it's not only about the care and reciprocation of feelings from men to women but also an opportunity to express gratitude and concern for loved ones. The subtle and profound meaning of this holiday makes it special and meaningful in the world of love and romance.