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Springhill was born during a time when COVID-19 was raging harshly in Vietnam. It is a difficult time for many people, both physically and mentally. Phuong Uyen, the founder of Springhill, is not an exception to that impact.

When searching for a solution to heal her mind and better connect with herself and her family, she discovered that herbal aroma could relieve stress and restore energy. So, she decided to make a lot of natural healing gifts for family and friends. From hand-embroidered scarves and scented bags to Springhill's first product - an eye pillow.

Springhill uses herbs from green farms in Da Lat. It helps support a sustainable income for local people, promotes organic farming, and reduces the impact on the environment. It also provides consumers with the highest quality and safest products.

Always "putting ourselves in the customer's shoes" is the guideline in Springhill's activities. The brand hopes that customers will have effective and relaxing healing times with its core natural products.

Hồ Chí Minh
Ethan White
This eye pillow is a lifesaver after long days at the computer. The lavender scent is amazing, and it really helps me unwind.
Hồ Chí Minh
Quỳnh Hương
Thích dạng này lâu rồi mà ko thích mùi lavender, nay thấy chus bán mùi rosemary nên mua liền, thơm lắm luôn, đường chỉ may cẩn thận, đẹp lắm